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I started by professional career out as an attorney, practicing primarily family law and criminal defense. When I was presented the opportunity to take over and expand this wonderful brand, I had to take the opportunity. The prior owner was very passionate about 100% natural products, as I have been throughout my life. When I was younger, I watched my mother with her nightly skincare routine, which was quite extensive. She would anoint her hair, put on layers of facial creams and then transform her eyes, with product after product. I didn’t understand it then, but she was actually poisoning her body, by having her skin absorb tons of toxic chemicals that were contained in her cosmetics and beauty products.

​I discovered later that there were products that were available to achieve better results without all of the poisons and chemicals. 
I also became aware of those elements, natural elements, that would help and enhance overall wellbeing of myself and my family. At about this time the inhabitants of this planet were starting to realize, what we had done and were doing to our home, planet earth. 


Certain ingredients were finally seen for what they were, poisons and carcinogens! Products that our grandmothers used were starting to become popular again.  The idea of natural ingredients was coming back, with a positive vengance.

The passion and intensity grew into an ever-growing interest and enthusiasm for alternative solutions for beauty and health, that would not poison ourselves or harm the planet.

For the last 10 years, Suona have been involved in the business of providing the public with products that help everyone feel good, feel healthy, and look good. Products that are also harmonious with life on this planet. 


Since I have taken over Suona, I have strived to maintain and expand the products and offerings of Suona, to include additional soaps and self-care products.


When we feel good, when we look good, the world looks better.
Everything around us sounds better.
Suona has the mission to provide you with products that will make you feel good, and look good, naturally.
So you can hear and be the
Sounds of Good Living

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